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Events at the Phoenicia Diner are always memorable and special. 

For all inquiries, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch soon. 

  • The Diner

    Have your event in our nostalgic Diner.  The seating arrangement in the main dining area is 7 large booths, 10 small booths, 18 barstools, and an area in the back that can be set up to accommodate one to two larger tables, seating up to 16.   We love creating custom events to make your time with us as special as possible.  

    Click on the information page to learn more about everything we have to offer.

    Capacity: Seated 80, Standing 100

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    The Lot

    The LOT is an scenic outdoor area with a covered dining area, extended picnic table area, an Airstream, and pergola.  For smaller groups, the Airstream can act as a food truck and your guests can order from your selected menu.  For larger parties, we can serve beverages out of the truck, desserts, or hand out gift bags.  Part of the fun of the space is the how versatile the use of the Airstream are pergola are. The LOT also provides the perfect atmosphere for live music and dancing.

    Occupancy listed is for The LOT only.   If you click on our information page there will be occupancies listed if you would like to use the Lounge and/or Diner paired with The LOT.

    Capacity: Seated 150 Standing 225

  • Lounge

    Tucked away and separate from our main dining area, the lounge is perfect for small get together, a company party, or a cocktail mixer.  

    Capacity: 30 standing

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    Have an event at a location of your choice and bring the Diner along with you.

    Please fill out the inquiry form and we can work together to create a menu to fit your event.